Digital Initiatives

Our online services are constantly reviewed and enhanced to respond to the demands of a fast-growing digital economy. By doing this, our services keep pace with advances in technology and become even more efficient, effective and relevant for our customers.

Website redevelopment

Website priorities

  • Easier searching
    Making it easier to search and optimising the site for smartphones, iPads and PCs
  • Enhanced content
    Upgrading background systems and rewriting content clearly and concisely
  • Navigation and design
    Using a targeted audience approach to layer content against a clean site design

Each year, more and more customers are choosing to connect with us online with new technology that reaches bigger audiences and gives greater access to the services we offer.

Our website lies at the heart of an organisation-wide mission to provide engaging information in a way that helps people efficiently go about their business with the SRO.

Digital innovation has helped to reshape the services we offer and for this reason we routinely scrutinise our online content for its relevance and usability.

Given this growing online core audience, and the changing landscape of how our website is accessed (mobile devices now account for 15 per cent of visits), we recognised a need for a redevelopment, expert analysis and testing to support this view. Important findings from real-time user testing, eye-tracking data analysis (heat mapping) and focus groups reveal several broad content and design priorities that we will adopt as we move forward.

Notwithstanding the recognised need for a redevelopment, which will be launched next year, our website still recorded solid visitor gains in 2013-14, again proving its growing popularity as a primary source for information and secure transactions.

Duties Online (DOL)

In 2013-14 alone

  • Self-assessed 177,117 documents (81 per cent of all duties transactions)
  • Completed 94 per cent of 25 available transaction types

This duty payment system continues to be a cornerstone of our online customer service platform, underpinning a strategic shift towards a wholly web-based experience.

Regular software enhancements serve to expand the suite of available transactions so that DOL keeps pace with the needs of more than 1300 registered users. These changes ensure that this evolving resource saves our customers valuable time and money.

Notable changes in 2013-14 include the ability for users to obtain duty estimates and significant preparations to roll out three additional transaction types in the last quarter of 2014-15.

With a highly successful take up at 96% of available transactions, the focus in 2014-15 is to introduce more complex transactions into DOL’s scope. These plans also include developing opportunities for customers to lodge, track and pay for specific transactions online (outside of the standard online payment facility already available on our website).

Property Exchange Australia Ltd (PEXA)

The impending launch of PEXA in late 2014 will revolutionise the scope of property transfers across the country, and this Australia-wide shift to a more cost-effective online platform reinforces our firm belief in web-based customer services.

Accordingly, this year we worked closely with our state and territory counterparts to prepare our IT systems for this scheduled implementation across the country in 2014-15.

We have successfully integrated PEXA with DOL to ensure our customers benefit from a fully electronic settlement process, complementing the creation (and ongoing testing) of other specific tasks to interact with the system directly. Our targeted webinars and video tutorials are also familiarising customers with the imminent changes.