Education Support

Our stakeholders can be sorted into four distinct groups: individuals, businesses, tax professionals and the training/education sector. Each has targeted information needs and we tailor our expert assistance to be meaningful, accessible and timely to reach as broad an audience as possible.

This year we produced about 20 help videos for customers.

Our 93 webinars attracted a combined audience of almost 2500 people.

Notwithstanding the diverse strategies we use to support these stakeholders, our goal remains the same: to build strong connections with our customers and industry partners so they get what they need from us, when they need it, in a worthwhile and efficient way.

Monash Business School

As the leading authority on state tax laws in Victoria, we have sought and fostered a robust relationship with the Monash Business School (MBS), a triple-accredited global academy based in Melbourne which offers tertiary courses in all major business and economics disciplines.

Our technical specialists have collaborated with MBS to enhance its curriculum to focus on key areas of business and property transactions and their “real world” implications and risks for taxpayers. Such has been the strong and positive impact of our work that, from its 2015 edition, one of Australia’s most distinguished student textbooks, Principles for Taxation Law, will include an additional chapter on state tax laws.

This valuable partnership with MBS not only reinforces strong ties with the tertiary education sector, it provides future tax professionals with access to our experts to better serve Victorian taxpayers.


Streaming live and interactive content to customers in their home or office is a core element of our education efforts. This approach yields significant returns for our audience in terms of knowledge they gain and gives us an opportunity to use their feedback to identify emerging knowledge gaps.

This year, our webinar schedule grew to 93 webinars presented to an audience of almost 2500.

Specifically, we worked with other Australian revenue offices to produce a four-part series focusing on how payroll tax works across state and territory borders.

We also delivered DOL webinars that explained important system modifications and addressed commonly asked questions. To end the year, more than 1300 business customers opted in for a payroll tax annual reconciliation series.

Keeping in touch with customers in this way provides valuable feedback that shapes our future plans. In 2014-15 this includes responding to issues as they develop, such the growing number of new Victorian property owners and their land tax responsibilities.


The growing customer preference for our webinars as an accessible, convenient education tool has refined our seminar program to focus mostly on only the most complex of state taxes issues.

This reduced demand, however, has not diminished the quality of content nor the interest from participants, with 776 customers attending 25 seminars this year.

Expert stakeholder training

Our technical specialists will regularly identify the learning needs of professional bodies and industry groups, and present tailored discussions to help them build their knowledge of state tax obligations.

During the year we delivered 12 presentations on topics including the Fire Services Property Levy, payroll tax and land tax, for groups including:

  • Queenscliff Local Traders Association
  • Bass Coast, Cardinia and South Gippsland local councils
  • Hawthorn CPA Discussion Group
  • Dandenong Hosted Accommodation Group
  • Bayside CPA Discussion Group

This initiative not only allows us to educate a target audience to make it easier for them to do business with us, it reinforces our goal to be an open, timely and expert source of information.