By recruiting the most capable and talented staff, we are able to build our skills and experience, enhance service, improve our productivity and ensure we have the right people to help our customers with their needs. We continue to foster a culture where people want to be, and want to do, their best.

Hiring the best people

Our goal is to recruit great people who inspire and develop other staff. To support this, in 2013-14 we reviewed our recruitment practices to ensure we allocate the right time and effort to select the best people for our advertised roles. Advertised roles attracted a large number of high-quality applicants, demonstrating that we continue to be an appealing option for strong candidates. In-house recruitment specialists continue to work closely with managers across the business to ensure recruitment strategies remain relevant and effective.

Retaining our staff

Implementing strategies to promote long-term retention allows our staff to develop their professional abilities and contribute to our ongoing knowledge base. We continue to offer a range of learning opportunities for career and personal growth that help to make it easier to play a role in the enhancement of our work practices, procedures and quality. In 2013-14, almost 300 internal job opportunities (promotions, transfers and higher-duties assignments) were taken up by staff, and 59 external recruits also joined our team. For the same period, the turnover rate of ongoing staff (excluding Involuntary and fixed-term contracts) was 8.5 per cent.

Caring for our staff

  • 25 ergonomic assessments done.
  • 230 staff received flu vaccinations.
  • Confidential employee assistance program extended to 30 June 2015.
  • Subsidised vision screening program extended.

An outstanding health and safety record is a source of much pride. Our focus remains on staff wellbeing via excellent work-life balance, professional flexibility and support for fitness initiatives.

There were no successful workers compensation claims lodged for the second consecutive year and only three minor staff injuries in 2013-14, compared with six in the previous year .

This outcome continues an outstanding record in ensuring that we provide a safe and healthy work environment by minimising workplace injuries and their associated consequences. This approach is reflected in our WorkCover premium, which reduced by almost 10 per cent in 2013-14, and our WorkCover claims cost rate, which is now over one-third lower than the industry average.

Educating our staff

Our workplace education strategy aims to empower staff so they can drive innovation, enhance their knowledge base and contribute to excellent customer service.

By delivering high-quality training programs from both in-house and external experts, we ensure each person has the right skills and knowledge to be effective in their role.

This year 14 managers and team leaders completed the Graduate Certificate in Business Management through Swinburne University.

In 2013-14, we delivered on average 5.29 days of training to each staff member – a combined total of almost 2500 training days for the year .

Wherever possible we focus on approved qualifications and this year several staff graduated with nationally recognised qualifications, including:

  • Certificate IV in Government (Revenue Administration)
  • Certificate IV in Government (Statutory Compliance)
  • Certificate IV in Government (Fraud Control)
  • Diploma in Government (investigations)
  • Advanced Diploma of Management

SRO staff profile

Details Values
Average age 42
Average length of service 10.8 years
Gender - males 49.59%
Gender - females 50.41%
Post-secondary qualifications 84%