Productivity Initiatives

Fostering a strong culture of strategic innovation helps to streamline how we work and the way we go about our business. By implementing modern, cost-effective solutions that replace some of our established processes, we deliver worthwhile cost and time savings for our customers.

External factors, too, will play a critical role in our ability to meet new challenges.

Preparing for the future

The quality of our customer service into the future depends of the excellence of process we use to get there. We understand that to meet tomorrow’s complex challenges we must build on today’s successes at all levels of the SRO.

To steer this direction, our newly created Strategic Development Division supports a targeted and long-term strategic development blueprint to better plan for new realities in demographic, economic, social and technological trends. Of specific focus will be guiding significant operational and cultural change to keep pace with rising government and customer expectations, including:

  • Leading process improvement (PI) initiatives to identify innovative and efficient ways to streamline our internal processes.
  • Saving our customers time and costs cutting unnecessary red tape.
  • Co-ordinating whole-of-organisation initiatives focussed on new ways of delivering our services, reducing costs and taking advantage of new technology. This includes refreshing land tax assessments to make it easier for customers to understand their obligations, considering a range of self-service solutions, and exploring ways to enhance our data-matching expertise.

Generating great ideas

Tapping into the innovation of our staff provides an excellent opportunity to capture grassroots ideas that have the potential to influence how efficiently we deliver outcomes for our customers.

In 2013-14, we advanced this concept significantly by introducing a PI strategic development framework supported by internal resources and an online innovation database.

A diverse cross-section of staff have become accredited in best-practice PI methodology and use their training to evaluate all new ideas, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

Their potential for development and implementation is rated based on what will deliver the biggest gains for our customers – thereby securing the best possible return on our investment in terms of time and effort.

Broad outcomes achieved so far for customers have included more consistent decisions, simpler communication and reduced waiting times.

Cutting red tape

Collecting information is essential to our responsibilities but where the burden of paperwork can be reduced for our customers, we adjust our internal process to accomplish this.

As part of the Victorian Government’s ongoing focus on regulatory reform, we are committed to reducing unnecessary bureaucracy that costs business precious time and money.

In 2013-14, we cut red tape by:

  • Enhancing our internal verification methods to abolish the need that certain documents to be certified for unclaimed money applications, of which we receive about 30,000 a year.
  • Resolving FHOG objections more efficiently by removing the need for financial institutions to provide copies of customer documents to satisfy the review process.
  • Removing unnecessary or duplicated data requests by redesigning, updating and/or amalgamating 90 application forms and statutory declarations, yielding significant administrative savings for customers.