Statement of Expectations - Benchmarks

In his Statement of Expectations for 2014-16, the Treasurer has also requested that we report on our current baseline performance levels, which are:

  • In the 2013 calendar year, we received 36,267 amendment requests in relation to 308,206 total land tax assessments (i.e. the proportion of land tax amendment requests over total land tax assessments issued in 2013 was 11.8%)*,
  • The Task Completion Score for our website measured in April 2014 was 2.2, and
  • In 2013-14, we received 1256 phone calls from customers requesting assistance to reset their Duties Online password

*Assessments are issued on a calendar year basis and we receive amendment requests during the year and sometimes through to the early part of the following calendar year. For this reason, the 2013 land tax cycle is used as our current baseline performance level as we would not have received all the amendment requests in relation to the 2014 land tax cycle by the time of publishing our 2013-14 Annual Review.